“A thoroughly ingenious device...
I row therefore iErg!”
- Jason Read, Olympic Gold Medalist
"Great music is essential for a great erg workout and speakers are not always readily available. Even if they are, you or your teammate might not like what's coming out of them. The iErg lets me erg to my favorite thrash metal whenever I want, wherever I want - all without worrying about destroying my iPod with sweat, disturbing others with music they don't like, being disturbed by music I don't like, or dealing with annoying armbands and wires. After ruining a brand new iPod Touch from erging use, I wish I had been able to buy an iErg months ago. I have tried multiple solutions to the problem of iPod use while erging and this is far and away the best."
-Chuck Hartwig, Crash- B Medalist 2007 & 2008
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